The Book

Black people may make up only about eight percent of the population in Austin, Texas, but they’re doing the benevolent good work of a group of people far greater than that!

As they say, it’s about quality, not quantity.

There are beautiful black people in the Austin area who every day are giving of themselves in order to elevate the whole black community, and you’re probably aware of none of them. In areas ranging from health and wellness to philanthropy, from spirituality to education, there are black people in Austin who are committed to helping their brothers and sisters heal and thrive — and that’s despite systemic racisms’ devastating effects on the black community.

We’re honoring a handful of these unsung heroes. The Black Bodies Project is producing a book called “Benevolence in Black.” In it, we will pay tribute to 40 very good black samaritans in the Austin area.  In portraits, we will get to actually see these people in all their living color, and we will also learn what motivates them and why they give of themselves in the ways they do.

Be on the lookout for the book in the summer of 2019. And follow us on Facebook for updates!

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