The Interview Series

The very last thing the world needs is another talk show.

So, we won’t call it that. We’ll call this a “brainstorm.” Brainstorm Black will be an unscripted, uncensored, unadulterated, solution-focused video series with guests who will tell you exactly what you need to know about what it means to exist as a black person in Austin, America, and the world today.

Watch the first episode of “Brainstorm Black.”

Technically, there will be talk. But, we will do our best to bring viewers valuable information they can then use to actually DO something with. Our wholehearted mission is to construct better systems which work for us ALL, and to connect individuals and groups working on creating more equitable systems with individuals and groups comfortably perched upon the very resources required to make it happen!

Real talk? Experts in Austin say black people are the most negatively impacted in every single system — from health care to education, the economy to the justice system. Black people have been trying to play “catch up” while simultaneously dodging all sorts of institutional wrenches being lobbed their way. For instance, read this: The New York Times reports that for every $100 in white family wealth, black families hold just $5.04.

Come on, now. Enough is enough.

Brainstorm Black will look at ways we can create whole new worlds of ideas and actions that take black people into a future where they, too, can expect a shot at building a great life, luxuriate in the vastness of opportunity, and gleefully frolic in fields of exposure and access.

Lastly, On Brainstorm Black, no topic will be taboo. And for the people and organizations really pushing to level the playing field, no ask will be too big. And, no genuine, heartfelt attempt at reparation will be too small. WE don’t have to wait to be told how we can all work together to combat systemic racism. WE can brainstorm, and just do what needs getting done.

(If you are an individual or organization working to improve outcomes for the black population and would like to be featured on this show, contact us.)

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