About the Project

It’s about awareness.

Black people have been invisible for far too long.

The Black Bodies Project is a Moore Media production which takes candid, thoughtful, courageous exploration into what it means to be black in America and in the world. The project consists of a film, a book, and an interview series.

In the film, we talk with 16 black people of different ages, backgrounds, religions, nationalities, and skin tones to learn from them what it means to exist in their specific black bodies.

The book is an extension of the film and is comprised of images, essays, poetry, and art.

The interview series is a weekly conversation with a member of the Austin-area community working in various ways to improve the lives of black people.

We are not trying to change the minds of people who have extreme and hardened views about race. We are contributing to the work currently being done by people of all ethnicities and nationalities who are already open to the idea of equality, liberty, and justice for all.

In June 2018, Moore Media produced the film Black Bodies. This feature-length documentary includes poignant commentary from the aforementioned interviews as well as poetry, music, and visual art. The film attempts to give viewers a thorough and detailed idea of what goes on in the minds, lives, and bodies of the typical black person.

Being black is a singular experience. In America, and many other places around the world, to exist in a black body is to constantly face judgment and criticism simply based on race and color. The mission of the Black Bodies Project is to create platforms where black people can express themselves without judgment. The hope is that people will listen and perhaps learn something they did not know about the black experience. May our film and this project help bring clarity to this age-old issue of race which continues to daunt humanity.

(Click here to view a trailer for the film.)


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